Working Papers (unpublished)

Forecasting Imports with Information from Abroad (with Chr. Grimme and M. Nöller).

CESifo Working Paper No. 7079, 2018, Revise and Resubmit: Journal of Forecasting. RePEc Link


Tracking and Predicting the German Economy: ifo vs. PMI (with M. Reif), 2020,

Revise and Resubmit: CESifo Economic Studies.

Papers in Preparation (mimeo)

The Forecasting Power of the ifo Business Survey.


Business Cycle Volatility of the German 'Mittelstand' (with M. Berlemann and V. Jahn).


Economic Forecasting and Spatial Effects: An Assessment for German Districts (with J. A. Nauerth).


Forecasting Labor Productivity: A New Measure Based on Business Survey Results (with A. Reuter and T. Wollmershäuser).


Spillover Effects of ICT Productivity Shocks (with St. Elstner, Chr. Grimme and V. Kecht).