Refereed Publications

Economic Forecasting

Forecasting Exports across Europe: What Are the Superior Survey Indicators?

Empirical Economics, 2020, forthcoming.


Forecasting GDP all over the World Using Leading Indicators based on Comprehensive Survey Data.

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Forecasting employment in Europe: Are survey results helpful?

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Nowcasting Regional GDP - The Case of the Free State of Saxony.

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Forecasting gross-value added at the regional level: Are sectoral disaggregated predictions superior to direct ones? Review of Regional Research, 34 (1), 2014, 61-90 (with K. Wohlrabe). Link

Forecast Evaluation

The Macroeconomic Projections of the German Government: A Comparison to an Independent Forecasting Institution. German Economic Review, 2020, forthcoming (with T. Wollmershäuser).

Political Economy

On the political economy of national tax revenue forecasts: Evidence from OECD countries.

Public Choice, 170 (3), 2017, 211-230 (with B. Jochimsen). Link

Economics of Migration

Explaining Spatial Patterns of Foreign Employment in Germany.

Regional Studies, 53 (7), 2019, 991-1003 (with W. Nagl). Link

Agglomeration Economies

Marshall or Jacobs? New insights from an interaction model.

Jahrbuch für Regionalwissenschaft, 33 (2), 2013, 107-133 (with J. Kluge). Link


Electotal Externalities in Federations - Evidence from German Opinion Polls.

Kyklos, 2020, forthcoming (with X. Frei, S. Langer and F. Rösel).

Journal Rankings

An Elo ranking for economics journals.

Economics Bulletin, 37 (4), 2017, 2282-2291 (with K. Wohlrabe). Link


Who is the 'Journal Grand Master'? A new ranking based on the Elo rating system.

Journal of Informetrics, 11 (3), 2017, 800-809 (with K. Wohlrabe). Link